Believe only what an artist does, rather than what he says about his work.


David Hockney

Victor Meliveo


Málaga, Spain, 1980


Education and Professional Formation:

1999-2003 Bachelor of Arts in Dramaturgy and Stage Management. ESAD.

2008-2009 Master in Editing and Postproduction (Final Cut Studio). CICE Madrid.

2008 - 2009 Certificate of Expertise in Professional Lighting. EFTI Madrid.


Expositions, Screenings, Awards:

2016 "Scan and Tech". VI Contemporary ART BIENNIAL ONCE. Stelarc, Charles Sandinson, Dora García, Neil Harbisson, ... (Madrid).

2015 “Take Back The Mic”. USA/Spain. EMMY AWARD NOMINATION. Edition, Post-production and Sound Designer.

2015 “Lágrimas y Favores”. Documentary Feature (postproduction). Directed by ANTONIO BANDERAS. Function: Photography Director and Editor.

2015 "CONCHA BUIKA The Film". USA/Spain. Co-director and Editor.

2014 "Sufrían por la Luz". V Contemporary ART BIENNIAL ONCE. Marina ABRAMOVIC, Daniel CANOGAR, Miguel Barceló, ... (Madrid).

2013 "Tenth Anniversary". PICASSO MUSEUM of Malaga. Promotional video creation.

2013 "Concha Buika World Tour". Viral video marketing. USA/Spain.

2012 "The Grotesque Factor". PICASSO MUSEUM Malaga. Spot creation.

2012 "Berlin Wake Up Dance". Video art. Germany/Spain. SAN FRANCISCO, ATLANTA,


2012 "Sufrían por la Luz". Photography and video art, with EUGENIO AMPUDIA. CAMBIO DE SENTIDO Gallery, ONCE Foundation, Recoletos (Madrid).

2012 "Notodofoto". Week 3 Photography AWARD. Documentary photography, portrait.

2012 "European Juggling Convention". Lublin, Poland.

2011 "Acción. 30 años de la FURA DEL BAUS". Documentary feature. Germany-Spain (ZDF Kultur Tv + RTVE). Editing and postproduction.

2011 “Lo zoo di vetro". Theatre production documentary. Rome, Florence.

2011 "European Juggling Convention". Toulouse, France.

2010 "Boabdil. The Last King". GREEN MOON TEASER, Antonio Banderas.

2010 "Duerme Madrid". Video action, Malaga Spanish Film Festival, experimental section.

2010 "RAW Temple". Berlin Street Happenings and Performance.

2009 "Pablo is Gone". Documentary feature. Editor and final cut. Colombia/USA

2008 "Dermocartografías". “Real-time" exhibition with interactive performance. MATADERO (Madrid)

2008 "Picasso Vive aquí”. Tourism Board. Exhibitions in Berlin, Tokyo, Brussels, Shanghai, Seoul, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Dublin, ...

2008 "Dermocartografías". Performance with video art and photography, with Jose Luis Bongore. Matadero (Madrid).

2008 "Bitss". BIENNIAL OF YOUNG ARTISTS from Europe and the Mediterranean. Bari (Italy).

2007 "Un Piojo llamado Matías”, from the Black Mirror. MAX Theatre AWARD. Direct mapping digital animation.

2007 "Piel y Texturas. Piel y Plástico”. Casa Invisible. Málaga.

2006 "Sufrían por la Luz". FIRST PRIZE and AUDIENCE AWARD. Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

2006 "El Camino de los Ingleses". Director ANTONIO BANDERAS. Green Moon. Still image and documentary editing.

2005 “Bitss”. SECOND PRIZE. Malaga cultural exhibits.

2005 “Jóvenes Creadores”. CAC (Centre of Contemporary Art). Malaga.

2005 “Bitss” SPECIAL MENTION. Spanish Film Festival of Malaga, Experimental video.

2005 "Theatre Properties. Peter Pan, Jekyll and Hyde, ..." Promotional scenic photography and promotional editing.

2004 Vrutal Communication" AWARD FOR BEST EDITING. Yelmo Cineplex. Malaga.

2004 "Vrutal Communication". PRIZE for the BEST AUDIOVISUAL TREATMENT. International Experimental Film Festival (Vallecas Puerta del Cine).

2004 "Obra Social Caja Madrid”, FIRST PRIZE Elemental Photography: Water. Casa Encendida. Madrid.

2004 "Vrutal Communication". FINALIST. International Young Film Makers Festival of Granada.

2004 Special Mention. Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

2003 FINALIST. Digital Video Contest S2e. Madrid.

2003 FINALIST. Eurovideo 2003. Malaga.

2003 AUDIENCE AWARD. Vallecas Puerta del Cine Experimental Film and Video Festival. Madrid.

2003 THIRD PRIZE. Benalmadena Young and Creative Film Festival. Malaga.

2004 "TAU Cerámica". Promotional Video.

2003 "American Cup" races. Promotional Video.

2002-2008. FITUR. Andalusian Tourism Board. Madrid.

2002 FIRST PRIZE. Performance, Dance and Theatre Competition. Malaga cultural exhibits.

2002 FIRST PRIZE. II Theatre Week sponsored by the Alameda theatre. Malaga.

2001 FIRST PRIZE. Youth Art and Creation of the Andalusian Youth Institute.

2001 FIRST PRIZE. IV Villa de Pizarra theatre Festival. Malaga.

2001 FINALIST. Southern Theatre Festival in Palma del Rio. Cordoba.

2001 FINALIST. First Week of Theatre. Malaga.

1999 THIRD PRIZE. Malaga cultural exhibits.

1999 Malaga Scenic Showcase, Cervantes Theatre, Malaga.

1999 FINALIST. Southern Theatre Festival of Palma del Río. Cordoba.


Film, Video Art and Photography Festivals:

UPHO Urban Layers

Petaluma Film Festival (San Francisco, USA)

The Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival (Atlanta, USA)

Berlin Film Festival (Germany)

Cork Film Festival (Ireland)

Kans International Film Festival (Russia)

Medina del Campo Film Festival (Spain)

Andalusia Short Film Festival

Santiago de Compostela “Curtocircuíto” Short Film Festival

Indautxu Film Festival (Bilbao)

Radiocity Short Film Festival (Valencia)

International Short Film Festival "Almería en Corto"

Malaga Spanish Film Festival

“Málaga Crea” Competition

Believe only what an artist does, rather than what he says about his work.


David Hockney